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Comments made by blanko

Kevin Faulconer’s Run Down The Middle

I'm glad to see his positions on the social issues, but he's not totally on board with the immigration issue as far as his wanting to have it tied with border safety, which is a putoff of dealing with the issue.

But reality is that City Council has little to do with that issue anyway.

My main gripe with Faulconer is his stance on the workers of this city; he is not for the minimum wage law passed by Guv Brown, and he is not for the living wage for city workers; two issues that he should be for in my mind. Getting better wages means more money in the economy, and less reliance of some of these workers having to receive govt. assistance. He gets a decent salary and so should other workers.

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Holes In S.D. County Safety Net?

You are very perceptive, Romaroma, and right on with what is wrong with the way our county is handling the food stamp, CalWorks and other social services programs, and is why it is resulting in the horrible stats as mentioned in the program today.
One of the Voice of San Diego articles, gave the comments by the Co. Bd. of Supv. and they had the same negative attitude towards those who are applying; as if they are lying, and so put them through a lot before they finalize their claim.

I was told that we are the only county, that requires every CalWorks applicant to have an investigator from the District Atty.'s office. When I called Soc. Services to verify this, I got the runaround, and still am waiting for a callback.

I was also told that California is only one of 3 states that requires that applicants for social servics must be fingerprinted, but the county can ask for a waiver. Applicants are made to feel like a criminal when they apply. Christine, the applicant on the program, sounded articulate and informed about what to do, and then when she did call to reschedule, she got no feedback except a denial. She's not alone, as there was the same scenario described by another applicant in a recent READER article.

The OB RAG recently posted an anonymous worker's rant about the program, and the patronizing attitude was incredible. Yes, they are overworked, but that is no excuse for the way the applicants are treated.

Today's U/T's Michael Stetz's column was about the food stamp situation in this county, and how our county is losing the federal money provided for the program. He cites the effect it'd have on the county's economy if more of the determined eligible people were using food stamps.

The Caring Council and Supportive Parents Information Network (SPIN) has recently put out their report about how badly the county is performing in the social services arena. The Voice of San Diego articles have been wonderful, and they highlighted examples, including the one on the program today, about the lack of attention paid when applicants try to do what is necessary to comply. The County's attitude seems to be "you're guilty until you jump through some hoops to prove you're not, and then we'll give you the benefits."
No one should be waiting 3 hrs. for an interview.

I blame the Co. Board of Supv. for the problems that show we are the lowest in the country for providing these benefits that people are qualified for. They set the tone. They are the ones who provide the budget. Their discretionary funds should be going to hire the workers necessary to do the jobs for the programs that are available.

Thank you, KPBS, Voice of San Diego, Michael Stetz, OBRAG, Caring Council, SPIN, U/T for bringing this issue to the people. This county should be ashamed for how it is not doing the job when we are dead last in getting these benefits to those that are eligible.

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Record Number Of People In San Diego And U.S. Live In Hunger

I urge everyone to call their County Supervisor to complain about the obstacles the County of SD has put in the way of legitimate people applying for food stamps. We are the no. one county in the U.S. for having the lowest number of projected eligible residents based on federal regulations. The federal govt. provides most of the needed money for the eligible.

Then, those who are trying to get their benefits, there is an excellent resource to contact: SPIN which mean Supportive Parents Information Network, and their ph. no. is in the phone book. I am away from home right now, but urge you to contact them. They have studied this for years.

The League of Women Voters County League also is interested in this and there is The Caring Council also that is trying to get the County to do its job in this arena.

SD has many service/tourist jobs that pay under 10.00 an hr. and these are the workers' families who are being penalized. They have to pay for housing (rent, mortgage) which is not cheap, and then gas and electric, and of course food.

it is an outrage that there are such roadblocks as described above when there are needy people who are trying to feed their families. They shouldn't have to rely on food banks when there is a govt. program that is there for that purpose.

We are not "the finest city" as so many would like to think.

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