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Comments made by blueevey

Roundtable: Mexican Election, Welfare Cuts, Fireworks Fail

Re Calworks (again):

Oh! and I forgot to add, this isn't a philosophical issue of 'what goes to whom?' as a panel member stated. It's a very practical issue of what works? Childcare subsidies work. Employment, education and self empowerment work. Discussing a broad topic one knows nothing about, doesn't work.

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Roundtable: Mexican Election, Welfare Cuts, Fireworks Fail

I tried to call in but I guess I didn't catch the number correctly.

First, rather frustrating and at times humorous to hear one of the panel members struggle to pronounce Pena Nieto's name every single time.

Second, regarding Calworks, the new budget calls for 24 months (2 yrs) IF a recipient doesn't meet qualifications or guidelines for the program. Currently, it's 48 months for any participant. This was reduced from 60 months last year. There's already a system in place for participants that don't meet the monthly hourly guidelines. It takes 2-3 months to sanction and stop someone's cashaid for non participation on a good day! Taking 2 years to transition to the new 24 month guidelines won't diminish the few that work the system to get as much as possible for doing as little as possible. Yes, these people exist. The majority, however, are trying, as much as they possibly can within their own mental and physical abilities, to meet the guidelines and work.

Also, it should be noted, that parents do have an option to opt out of required participation if their child/ren are young enough or for medical reasons. There are some parents that receive cash aid for longer than the maximum years allowed because they are exempted for so long.

Personally, limiting the assistance for those that don't meet the guidelines is an ideal way to make sure that abuse is limited. And unfortunatley, when one's budget--personal, state or federal-- isn't enough, it's necesarry to a) earn more or b) spend less. Ideally, there is always c) both.

However much I absolutely dislike and disagree with the idea of cutting child care, I know it's needed to cut back in every department to balance out the budget. There should have been more cuts in other areas so that childcare wouldn't be so hurt. Childcare is way too expensive as it is now (100/week/child--on the low end) for anyone to afford having to pay more.

As the panel stated, and amazingly, I agreed with (the rest of the commentary on the topic was pissing me off) is that in order to solve the sympton, the issue needs to be fixed. In this case, having everyone be able to sustain their own family. Not necesasrily through employment, there are other options, besides having everyone work.

And now that I've written a novel, I'll stop. Eitherway, this is just the humble opinion of a Mexican (American) social worker with experience in both childcare and Calworks.

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