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Comments made by bob_in_san_diego44

Studying At The School Of Hard Knocks

I hope you'll read this on the air. My real name isn't Bob because I am currently a State Parole Agent for CDCR and I used to be a Correctional Officer in a Level 4 Prison. And I also used to have the “Rookie Syndrome.” Most of us in law enforcement get it and grow out of it in time; I did. The real problem here is multi-facetted and founded in historic politics. 1st- Three Strikes, 2nd- Closing State Mental Hospitals, 3rd- Determinate Sentencing, 4th- Cutting Education, 5th- Gang and Drug Subcultures, (not necessarily in that order) and all of these ultimately lead to the 6th- There is no consequence great enough in California to deter criminal activity. There is no penalogical interest in the department of corrections and “rehabilitation” anymore. There are very few inmates still incarcerated under the indeterminate sentencing guidelines of old. They are the last of the inmate population that have to make a case for being released before their maximum sentence is reached. That is a greater deterrent for newcomers to return to the system than what we have now. All the others? They get released when the designated day arrives; regardless of not having a residence or job set up; regardless of behavior in prison; regardless of readiness on many levels. Since there must be accountability for criminals who commit crimes and all of the practiced and time proven tools of “rehabilitation” have been removed under the guise of saving money, we now warehouse inmates. We’ve turned into a training ground for criminal subcultures to get organized. We probably spent more money on political changes within the department like adding “rehabilitation” to the name than we did on rehabilitation itself. The biggest costs in the system today and the burden placed on a prison system (formerly know as a penal colony) is in providing free medical and mental health services to it’s inmates of a quality not afforded in free society. The biggest population of inmates is comprised of a variety of drug addicts with drug or alcohol induced mental health and medical issues. Cutting funding to schools that could help prevent such downward spiral at an early age is what feeds this bureaucracy. The children are our future; teach them to farm and they will feed our society in the future.

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