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Comments made by bosse

The High Cost of Health Care (Part 4)

I have Medicare now, since I moved from Texas, but my wife could not get any insurance only because she has arthritis! We paid for health insurance all over lives and the premiums hav increased and services harder to get.
Some one said the VA care is the best. He was lucky, In big cities with a lot of veterans,it may not be.. But any care is better than none at all, as is.
woman called stating that illegal immigrants are costing us a lot. Very few illegals go to free services, many are afraid of getting deported. Few with seriously ill children or after an accident may go to an ER.
People who have insurance and republicans, physicians and insurance companies, may bring up, the Canadian or UK.,s system as very bad.NOT TRUE. I have had insurance and have seen several doctors in different locations, but service and ease of seeing a doctor have not been uniformly satisfactory.
The people and doctors( I have friends practicing in Canada and UK) I have talked to see not many problems. I read in the paper this morning , an eighty year old lady could not get a hip replacement some where in Canada. There are many many instances of poor service in US.Our cost is so high, becaue, we do not have compassionate doctors, like in the old times.. Govt. imposed unnecessary regulations and paper work; over head for doctors is often more than 50% of their billing. Malpractice threat is much less than imagined,a nd oftem many bad practices go on unchallenged.
Computers have in many cases increased cost for doctors, having to hire more experienced staff, but poorly qualified nurses!
Many medical students say, they want to be doctors, because they want to help people at the time of interviews, but making money seems to be their attraction!
Radiology used to be the least desired specialty in 1964 but one every Medical student want, now!
Malpractice threat and easy availability, of Expensive imaging machines, have tremendously increased cost, but have not added to better care.
Canada, France or UK, for example have fewer CT scanners than in a cityhere.
Only a government run system can do this. . Now with Medicare, and still pay large sums for Medicines, which is FREE in Europe and Canada.

Many now are bombarded with false information and, those who have insurance falsely believe they will always have that! Doctors setting up labs and X ray machines to increase their profit at their offices is like a preacher having a donut shop at the church.
Easy availability of laboratories in a central area can reduce cost, for patients.
Also too much of paper work at pharmacies can be avoided, if the price of medicines is fixed and uniform through out the nation, like it is in India, and Europe.
Many of the points raised and objected by a small vocal minority should not prevent a system that will benefit all.Once a law is passed , we can learn and correct any problems, as they occur.
K Thomas Bose, MD
Carlsbad Ca 92009

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