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Comments made by brettv65

San Diego's 'Failures of Governance'

David65...granted...the pensions mess should have never been allowed to happen...but Prof. Erie makes the point that the fund was raided for political purposes (even before the floor fell out due to risky investments)...I refer to the 1996 GOP Convention here...but aside from all that mess ... if it's true that we pay half for city services that other large CA cities are paying, then something is wrong on that score ...

if we are not happy with the pensions paid for govt officials, judges, police, fire, safety personnel etc, then let's take a look ...but i think the courts have already exonerated those responsible re: the pensions and the securities issues re: our fair city if you want to continue this battle, it's really a battle for the courts and i think they have already ruled vested pensions valid ...but of course, judges don't want to gore their own oxen so perhaps the deck was stacked ....and there you have it...(nice work, if you can get it)

(if any of this is away)

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LGBT Students Protected at Cal State San Marcos and SDSU

Good points, Ernie ... re: the DA/DT institutionalized discrimination imposed by the Pentagon...didn't we hear, for the first time in history, both the Secy of Defense and the Chmn of theJt Chiefs condemn the practice before Congress? That all the NATO countries except the US allow their citizens to openly serve in their military? The only large countries that do not are China, Russia and us. Even Russia allows all to serve if a war is declared. So do we want to be more like the communist countries ... or more in line with the western democracies? We live in a land of selective hypocrisy.

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LGBT Students Protected at Cal State San Marcos and SDSU

ps...i wanted to reference your program from last January that should be included in the conversation...a lot of the problem emanates from misinformed interpretations of the Bible....not to mention the bigoted teachings of the Islamic faith ...
The Bible And Homosexuality

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LGBT Students Protected at Cal State San Marcos and SDSU

Interesting program .... the sad fact is that we cannot legislate morality or good behavior or tolerant attitudes, for that matter. We can put all the "thou shalt not's" into the law that we want re:discrimination....and it will still take a few more generations for more open-minded attitudes to trickle down to schools. Look at the race issue....we had slavery going back at least 400 years re: this country..(a lot longer historically)....we had a Civil War in the 19th century...we had lynchings and race riots in the 20th century....then Civil Rights legislation....and women's rights...we have a black President....and we still have racism.

We also have a religious/cultural bias against LGBTs going on for generations that will take a lot more work to overcome. The bullies in school probably learn a lot of their attitude from home. It's not just about educating students, it's also about educating parents. How many parents would come to a tolerance workshop put on by a school?

On top of this, there's something about human behavior that favors scapegoating the underdogs in society. We have to get better at this; but look at the prejudice between the classes/races etc. Those with more are generally condescending to those with less. With a shrinking middle class, I fear the discriminatory attitudes are going to get worse, not better.

On the upside...there have been huge leaps in the entertainment industry...would the films "Milk" and "Brokeback Mountain" have been able to get national notoriety and been made 20 or 30 years ago? Probably not. Same goes for "Will & Grace", Ellen, the reality shows including gay or lesbian characters, and so on. The pride parades are getting more enormous every year. And the beat goes on ..

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