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Comments made by brianfitzmaurice

Terminally Ill S.D. Man Looks For An Answer In Stem Cells

Shane is my brother and best friend.

Growing up with Shane was to be around a very physical very active person. Of all the people in my family Shane was the most athletic. He played many sports and was great at them all. He gave this gift to his older son's early in their lives and they are already both very active and talented in multiple sports. I am happy that he has been able to share in his son's early successes in sports.

After Christmas my children and I drove to San Diego to visit Shane and his family. It is a wonderful loving family. They have so much togetherness and joy each day. His children love and respect their dad. His wife Lylin is an incredible mom and wife. To see how she runs that household and cares for her husband is to truly experience love in action. My children loved playing with their cousins and I soaked up the love in that house and didn't want to leave.

Praise God for Shane and for Lylin. Your family are in our prayers every night.

January 2, 2010 at 6:56 p.m. ( | suggest removal )