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Local Author Sheds Light on Politically Charged Iran of the 1960s

My name is Bridgette Lashun Brown. I am a proud, strong, African-American, divorced mother of five when I rise in the morning and when I lay down at night. I am fortunate to parent five amazing children with their own unique individuality. I have written a book entitled, Halo-Orangees employer -employee “one accord” Volume I. It is a motivational book for employers and employees. The book embodies the message that all human beings have a purpose and can rise above any situation or circumstance as long as they remain ethically true to themselves. Halo-Orangees employer-employee “one accord” Volume I One Mind, One Body, One Team is an account of real life employer-employee workforce experiences. This book confronts the most scandalous and core real life workplace issues occurring in organizations world-wide.

Workplace focus is placed on negativity, drama, power struggles, backstabbing, and endless gossip to a great extent. Workplace unity is becoming more and more obsolete within organizations across the globe. The benefits of being an employee in today’s workforce are dwindling with each passing day. The term employer-employee “one accord” is a bankrupt economic failure in many companies. The decline and backlash of positive employer-employee relationships is largely due to the lack of leadership in cohesive environments, poor development periods, and weak policies and procedures. Organizations should always stay tuned into the bigger picture (overall- goal), which includes managers and non-managers joined together as one body to achieve the purpose of the entire company.

Book is available at
Halo-Orangees, LLC Website @

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