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Comments made by brooklarios

Let's Talk: How Much Does Restaurant Decor Matter?

Any time. Food and I are fast friends. I'll have to try El Camino's margis; next time you're there, order the sangria.

I highly recommend the tuna melt at Prepkitchen. The resto's owner, Arturo Kassel, who also owns Whisknladle, provided fodder for my blog,, via a guest post. It's all about eating out like we used to, pre-Yelp:

Great subject, Angela.

October 5, 2010 at 11:22 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Let's Talk: How Much Does Restaurant Decor Matter?

Starlite is one of my favorite locales for good ambiance. And, really, any space designed by Bells & Whistles is exceptional.

Leap to the kitsch category and I fall head over heals for Lucha Libre every time I enter.

Love the interior and atmosphere of El Camino, near the airport. And I actually prefer Prepkitchen La Jolla, with only nature as its seating landscape, to the more polished Del Mar location. (I think food tastes better when consumed outdoors.)

I'm convinced good ambiance kicks any restaurant -- great, decent or just plain blech -- up a notch.

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