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Comments made by brothersun

New California Law Requires Doctor's Note For Vaccine Exemptions... But There's An Out

In WW2 Germany, if the Nazis came to your door and asked if you are hiding any Jews, is it immoral to lie in that case? This is actually a perfect analogy, because the pro-vaxers are like the Nazis who honestly believe they have the moral high-ground, because that is how they were indoctrinated. In reality, they are causing much suffering and death. Once one understands that the theory of vaccination is incorrect, and they have never provided any protection from disease --yes, it's all been a massive PR/marketing hoax on the part of vaccine makers-- and that the chances of serious injury or death is much greater in the vaccinated, then all the Nazi-like posturing is seen as the evil it is. A much greater evil than lying to them when they come knocking on your door. All you pro-vaxers really need to do some independant research. The truth is well known at the highest levels of government, but is being suppressed because politicians, medical journals, and news media have been bought. To learn more, see

February 16, 2014 at 8:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )