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Comments made by bsack

Food: A Project Envision Documentary

This program was hyped for 2-3 weeks, and I looked forward to it. I was disappointed. First, it was only half an hour and covered several topics, which, if they'd been in any depth with any true coverage, could easily have filled half an hour each. Second, I won't say I didn't learn anything, but the hype-promise of "use this to help you at the grocery store" I thought misleading. What in the world was there that anyone could take away from it to use at the grocery store? Am I to go to India so I can buy SD oranges? Should I seek out grass-fed beef from wherever and pay the price, if I can? And if no one has done studies on how hormones fed to cows affect us, then why the drum beat on corn-fed cows and the hormones given them? Did you just assume the hormones were bad for us? You didn't say so, but it was certainly insinuated by the number of times you asked a (not very probing) question about it. As for chicken, how about those of us who eat chicken thighs vs chicken breasts - what did we learn to help us? And even those who like the breast meat - what are they to DO? So this is why I was disappointed: there just didn't seem to be much I could take away and use.
Barbara Sack

November 18, 2009 at 1:59 p.m. ( | suggest removal )