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Comments made by buchanan

Judge Rules San Diego Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Unreasonable

Thank you for writing on this important issue. The cities and counties across the state are passing ordinances prohibiting registraints from going to libraries, movie houses, churches, and most city/ county owned properties.

I attended such a meeting in Lancaster last week. The Vice-Mayor informed me that he could have "his deputies" arrest my husband ( of 40 years) since we started dating when I was 17. It's absurd.

When someone is accused of a sexual offense, it does not mean that they raped someone or ever touched a child. Many, many different circumstances can land you on this "hit list".

Many of these cases have more to do with "money", "votes", "creating jobs". The paid lobbyists for the Global Systems (ankle braclets) and their stock holders.

We have endured some horrible crimes in our communites. We can not make sense of them. But, to punish thousands for the crimes of a few is wrong. Punishments should fit the crime, if really a crime has occured.

No two cases are alike, and the cases have different outcomes depending on so many factosr like where you lived, what county the case was heard in, the court in which it was heard, what type of attorney you had, and on and on.

I remember seeing a news report while our ex-govenor was leaving office. It reported that he had sex with a 16 year old while in his late twenties. And I have never seen him on our registry. The story must have been buried, since it was never reported again.
We know of many famous people who committed these same acts, but our nation still worships them. Why are they any different?

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Chelsea's Law Faces Its First Sex Offender


I couldn't agree more. The whole state should be ashamed to launch this as their first case to be tried under Chelsea's Law. Someone who clearly is mentally a child himself, should have received treatment, instead Nathan Fletcher is using this case to pat himself on the back. Sickening.

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California Parole System Criticized

Sorry richmck,

Your post doesn't hold water. Have you actually been to a prison?
It was not the Governor and various Legislators who claim the prisons are overcrowded, it was three federal judges. They ruled that inmates were dying due to the overcrowded conditions. Many testified including correctional officers. Thousands of inmates have been sent out of state.
The choice is ours, either invest in our youth, our schools, or we can become the land of prisons. Prisons are backed by big business, and growing.
We already have more prisoners than anyone in the nation or world.
Also, the early release that they have proposed is directly related. Low level, non violent, Prison inmates can earn 6 weeks off their sentence. Yet, big buisness is screaming bloody murder. Why, because this effects their pocketbook. I suggest you do some homework.

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California Parole System Criticized

go to and get in touch with us.

It may feel like it, but race is not the issue here. Every family who has a loved one on the registry and in these circumstances is suffering. The children in these families are suffering the most. But, no one seems to care. While trying to protect children, our laws are destroying thousands of children's lives. And no one cares.

Everyone is horrified with what has happened to these precious girls. Every families worst nightmare. But, with 95,000 people on the registry, for 200 different offences, they are not John Gardner.

And if you read his history, it tells a story of what did go wrong. He was a at risk child and those risks just kept increasing and increasing. Why do we release a violent person without some sort of intervention or evaluation in place? In prison, his illness just intensified. How does this make our soceity safer?

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California Parole System Criticized

Gloria Penner,

I have always enjoyed watching KPBS because of the educational and informed opinions. This segment just shows how uneducated you and the Union Tribune is on this subject. Actually I was sickened by it.

If you want the truth, If you want some facts, then start looking in the right places. In fact, why not start with the families of those with a loved one on the registry.

A veteran highway patrolman took a young life in 1986. A neighbor took a young life in 2002. Just because this man was registered, the whole population is coming unglued. I expected more from KPBS.

FACTS: California sex offender management board.

New California support group.

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Evaluating California's Sex Offender Laws

Chelsea Kings parents live in our neighborhood. We also have a son that landed on the registry.

He has been targeted and is being harassed. His father and I fear for his safety everyday. He lives alone and has no protection. Every morning I wonder if he has been killed by some crazy media fed person that thinks he is a child molester. There is no where for our family to turn to.
How would you like to live like that!

We love him just as much as Chelsea's parents loved her. But, we also have to live with fear everyday!
The tragic events are horrible. All parents hearts go out to the families of these tragic events. But, we can not punish every offender for a horrible crime that might not have been able to be prevented. After all, there have been crimes committed by some we even trusted like the highway patrol officer that took a young Cara Knots life also.

Our son's crime would not have been considered a crime in most other states due to the age of consent laws. And our families nightmare never ends. It just seems to get worse. The public has no idea. The families of those on the public registries need to start speaking out and up.

I also attended the public forum in Escondido in which Mr. Fletcher spoke.
Some of the things he said to the public were shocking, telling them that in his grandfather's day, they would have just gone out behind the shed and killed all sex offenders. Senator Wyland told the audience that he wants to change our constitution and wants to build as many prisons as he can.

But the most horrific tragic thing is what these laws are doing to those children of those accused of some of the so called sex crimes. Some children are being teased, harrassed, and some are forced to leave the schools the tax payers support. Their parent is on a public registry for all to see including their peers. I guess these children do not count. We will just let them suffer in silence. Shame on California

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Prison Crisis: Life at Richard J. Donovan State Correctional Facility

With all due respect, Deputy Warden Dennis Morris and Assoc. Warden Elias Contreras just skirt the questions and answer in political terms. We, the public, know what is going on in our unconstitutional and broken system. We know that there are no rehab. programs. And if a mere number of 14, in a population of 4,800 do partcipate, I wouldn't call that a success! If there is going to be investigational broadcasts, then there needs to be someone who will do just that. Investigate the prisons claims. The nephew, a level one inmate, waited two weeks to see a doctor after he broke his leg. All the while, climbing to the top bunk in an overcrowed gym. No one should be made to suffer like that! No one in our prison systems, comes out better. No one!!! Why doesn't our media talk to some of the family members for a detailed account of what really goes on behind closed doors?

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