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Review: 'Django Unchained'

thank you for proving my point Missionaccomplished. Your ability to perfectly embody my critique of your particular pathology is uncanny.

Anyway, pearl-clutching aside, anyone looking for a cinematic precedent for Django Unchained should really have a look at 'Goodbye Uncle Tom'. It is truly a remarkable and unflinching achievement in agit-prop and cinematic excess.

The anti-disclaimer in the trailer unapologetically states its subjectivist position in a way that is refreshing in a game in which the subjective pretends to the objective as a form of pseudofactual legerdemain reinforcing the hegemonic position. (ie. Lincoln)

I would position Django and what Tarantino seems to be working towards as an evolution of that subjectivist position, what Werner Herzog calls poetic truth.

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Review: 'Django Unchained'

I get that you doubt, but I can hardly take yours as an authoritative voice on authorial intent much less cultural impact. that the stories you wish to tell yourself about Tarantino and Jacopetti are comforting and maintain a certain kind of order to the universe is no doubt appealing, but that order comes at an expense both cinematic and social of context.

It's ok that you don't "get" either film maker but to use derogatory terms like "silly" and "basic" in order to avoid dealing with complex work, does everyone a disservice.

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Review: 'Django Unchained'

the film is available restored and its entirely as part of the mondo cane collection. perhaps you should actually watch it, missionaccomllished, before putting yourself out there like that, and anyway clearly conventional wisdom about what 'raises consciousness' is found severely wanting. perhaps Tarantino and Jacopetti know something you don't.

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Review: 'Django Unchained'

The film Tarantino is really referencing with Django is one I'm not surprised he's keeping on the low, but I really wish he wouldn't because for all it 's excess it deserves a wider audience and remains the only film that truly represents the extreme dehumanizing horror of slavery. So without further ado here is the trailer for Jacopetti and Prosperi's 'Goodbye Uncle Tom'

I wish the trailer showed more of the Confessions of Nat Turner revenge sequence that erase all doubt that this was the true inspiration for Django but such is the way of trailers.

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Rants and Raves: Monster Wedding

they had a kaiju wedding and the old folks wished them well...

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Rants and Raves: Reflecting On The Oscars

oh beth... looks like you lost the al jolson contingent... hope you will recover... who knew there was anybody left alive flying the torch for that particular breed of racial humor...

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Rants and Raves: Reflecting On The Oscars

damn... this should be mandatory reading for both academy voters and the awards show producers. now to get a hold of that super ultra top secret motion picture academy rolodex...

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Events: G. Love, Floating World, And A Band Of Robots

re: the "what women want" show.

nice way to subtly distort and minimize the substance of the controversy seth. i guess you wouldnt want to make waves by telling the truth about what actually transpired. or maybe you dont know, or maybe you just arent smart enough to understand nuance. either way, shame on you...

did you get a statement from the people that took issue with nalven, you know, so you could present both sides of the story, or did you just take his word for it over a glass of pinot grigio in a plastic cup?

and you call yourself a journalist. or is gossip columnist a fairer assessment of whatever it is you do.

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Review: 'Unstoppable'

“March 9th 1987 began as a normal day for railwayman Wesley MacDonald as he made up a train of 50 cars of ore at a mine in northern Canada. But that all changed when the brakes failed to hold the load and Wesley suddenly found himself aboard a runaway train.”

Ash International released the full recording of the conversations that took place between Wesley, the driver of the runaway train, and Alfie, his controller, in 1994 as Ash 1.9. This vinyl edition is deleted, but the audio may be downloaded as a MP3 by clicking here.

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Review: 'Daddy Longlegs'

That is the fairest assessment of the mumblecore movement ive heard. i think many cinephiles go easy on mumblecore because for a moment it seemed like the rejuvenating back to basics antidote weve been waiting for as we watched 'film' become either pixel-massaged big-budget spectacle or tenants in a gated-community fake indie feeder system for the former. it is our misfortune that most of these films seem to be made by people not conversant with the kind of full-spectrum life that it would take to come through on the promise.

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