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Comments made by c01gen

Carlsbad Group Opposes Encina Power Plant Expansion

Siekmann is obviously not gone to any of the many hearings or read the information that NRG Energy has sent to the community or the PUC regarding the proposed Encina Power plant repowering plans.
1. While the new tower will be 139 feet, it's base will be below the current level so the overall visual impact will be much lower.
2. The new plant will replace less energy efficient engines so pollutant levels will be reduced. Why would you want to keep a less efficient plant that despite best efforts, is putting out higher levels of pollutants just because the units are so old, especially when the problem can be fixed and the owners are willing to spend the money to fix it?
3. The transportation dept does not seem to have any problems with this siting, nor does the CPUC.
4. If the power plant were shut down - where would people in the north county get their power? Who would fund taking the land required to put up new transmission towers? And how long would it take to get all the permits required to build a new plant, even if you had the land and the infrastructure in place.
The power plant has the zoning, the infrastructure, and an owner willing to do what needs to be done to modernize. When are the people of Carlsbad going to recognize they have a power plant in the neighborhood and accept it as a good neighbor?

January 12, 2010 at 2:03 p.m. ( | suggest removal )