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Comments made by calwatch

Audit: NCTD Is Buried In Paperwork

I hope inewsource continues to release an article a week on NCTD, until Matthew Tucker and Deborah Castillo are removed from their positions. You’ll notice that MTS played ball with inewsource, being more cooperative, and officials there made an attempt to address inewsource’s concerns and answer their questions. NCTD has just been defensive from day one on this issue, and their suspicious behavior only leads to more and more questions. NCTD comes up with one response which they have to backtrack on, and then respond again with another error ridden rebuttal. NCTD staff refuses to take responsibility for any errors or even, as on the KOCT interview (posted on NCTD’s own website!) they don’t even want to look forward and learn from their past experiences. Kudos to inewsource for digging deeper and hopefully giving elected officials cover to send these officials to the unemployment line.

June 14, 2013 at 12:31 a.m. ( | suggest removal )