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Comments made by caravel

Medicare Audit Forces San Diego Hospice To Close

Medicare Audit did not force the closing of San Diego Hospice, it was the brilliant minds of the people directing this place and their fraud, their wrong doing.

“We narrowed the window of patients we take on because we’re so specifically looking at it through a strong lens of compliance,” Pucurar told KPBS earlier.

Yeah right! Now you get red handed, now let's play dumb.

September 30, 2013 at 9:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Fired Nurse Files Lawsuit Against San Diego Hospice

Jeremy, you are such a twisted and dishonest person. What you saying is that fraud and dishonesty does not matter in a company, you just want to be paid and cover the wrong doing with some selfish and lame reasoning. San Diego Hospice leading by Kathleen Pacurar, president and chief executive officer was directing a hospice to bankruptcy, due to wrong doing, how stupid you can be, a HOSPICE, people die every day, which is a business that won't run out of work and patients. You can excuse all you want but there is a POWERFUL REASON for the closing of San Diego Hospice, a legal reason and everyone knew what exactly they were doing, but greed was bigger than their intelligence. Good for Lori A. Rachac, RN, since she had the courage to confront Pacurar and their dogs. Pacurar should be the one responsible for what happen at San Diego Hospice; she is the one to blame in ALL aspects. I hope that one day justice will bring a piece for her and the ones behind such fraud, Hospice and Medicare Fraud!
But this is getting worse!!! NOW SHE IS WORKING FOR ELIZABETH HOSPICE!! WOW!
Elizabeth Hospice will get burn later on with Pacurar; she is bringing a lot of hit with her. Bad idea to hire Pacurar, because if she have to respond for her actions at San Diego Hospice, LEGALY, then her reputation will bring BIG PROBLEMS to Elizabeth Hospice, like the auditors again, she can bring another hospice to a closing and to bankruptcy.

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