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Comments made by carmusewicz

Uncertain Fishing Season Ahead For San Diego-Based Boats

This broadcast has highlighted some important factors that contribute to fluctuations within fish populations. As mentioned, climate conditions affecting the temperature, salinity, and overall health of habitat play a major role in determining whether a fish population will survive. Add changing climate conditions to the rotten economy and the frustrations by fishermen becomes understandable. However, I don't believe the MLPA should also be blamed. Rather than resenting what the MLPA has restricted, they should be thankful. There is no concrete way to tell how healthy fish populations are because there is no way to count every fish. Fish estimates in the past have been wrong and have critically impacted the populations because of overfishing, leaving fishermen jobless. It is important that sports fishermen recognize that the MLPA is enabling fish populations to have a chance to rebound and replenish which, if anything, in the long run will benefit their business. It is sad that the sole purpose is the profit that can be made and not actually caring about the impact made by sports fishermen. I think this coverage would have been more beneficial if more historical information was incorporated as well as a larger background of fishery problems within San Diego including the impacts fishermen had on the populations.
Judging on the rhetoric, I got the impression that those working on marine life protection areas and replenishing stocks had to defend themselves. In order for any fishing operation to make it in the long run, regulations and protection areas must be in place to prevent the exasperation of the resource which can cripple an entire ecosystem and leave not just a few fishermen jobless, but all. Yes, it is true that regulations do impose a burden on someone, somewhere, but for those fishermen with boats still around when the populations bounce back, they will be thankful. I don't think the protected areas should be anything to complain about because they are helping to revive the populations and give the best possible opportunity to bounce back. Overall, good broadcast, but I think the public would have benefited more if there was a better background regarding the impacts sports fishermen have on fish populations, the history behind the declining fish stocks in the 50's and 60's, an explanation of why fish regulations are difficult and why regulations are necessary. The topic is a great one but because it has a lot of historical context, it is hard to sum up within a short article because when left out the importance and criticality of rebounding fish stock rebounds seems minuscule.

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