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Comments made by cary

Sharks Attracting Attention In San Diego Waters

I'm surprised Mr Anderson claims divers have never been harmed by Sevengill sharks when a spearfisherman was bitten by one two years ago outside the Childrens pool while carrying a small fish on his belt. It was reported by local TV news and in the UT. Many divers have experienced aggressive behavior by these sharks including being charged and bumped by them.
Many spearfishermen know thses sharks to be competitive foe and watch their backs when sighted. They often sheer large white seabass (40 to 50 pounds) in half after being speared.
They may seem interesting and docile while at the cove where they congregate in large numbers but when they are hunting for food they are dangerous.
A local tour operator videotaped a Sevengill regurgitating a large patch of Seal skin, so they do enjoy marine mammals as well.
If KPBS wants to accurately report the activities and behavior of these sharks, instead of a fluff piece, they should contact more active divers such as those from San Diego Freedivers, SD Expeditions and LA Fathomiers.

June 5, 2013 at 6:36 a.m. ( | suggest removal )