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Comments made by casue66

San Diego Tackles Prisoner Recidivism Rates

I thought San Diego county was building a new jail...or at least reopening an old one. At least that's what I heard Sheriff Gore saying at a recent function.

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Producer's Perspective: What I Learned In Prison

While I am always happy to see attention drawn towards the counter productivity and lack of actual rehabilitation at our state's prisons, I must make a few corrections based on first-hand knowledge.

Yes, inmates can work...but just as out here, there aren't enough jobs for everyone. Nor, at this point, are there any real opportunities for them to do much programing in the form of higher education or substance abuse programs. Yes...this means just hanging around and either trying to avoid or becoming involved in yard politics. If you want someone to get off drugs or out of gangs...don't send them to prison.

For those that do get a job, the wages actually start at about 15cents an hour and go up from there. Most clerk jobs can pay at the most 32cents an hour. The higher paying jobs are usually PIA (bakery, etc) or IDL (higher level of skills such as electrical, plumbing, etc.) They can make upwards of $1.00 an hour with time at the job and usually need to have or be working on a GED/HSD. I honestly don't know of any inmate job that pays $100 a day. (FYI...that's what a substitute teacher makes in Chula Vista.)

Most re-entry programs, while well meaning, only target a very small group of individuals. Other inmates that request re-entry information are given packets of information. Some need a bit more guidance than that I would say. While revamping parole criteria is a step in the right direction...with sentencing the way it is, the prisons will continue to overcrowd (3 strikes, tough on crime/war on drugs). How about those 3-strikers who have been in now for 15 years? Those who had non-violent crimes? Or perhaps those who might have had an assualt, but didn't rape, kill, or molest a child like we were told we were being protected from? Betcha if you let them out you would never see them in the system.

Otherwise..kudos to KPBS for keeping this topic in the light of day.

* Hello Frank!!

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Prison Crisis: Life at Richard J. Donovan State Correctional Facility

Rehabilitation programs such as education, vocational classes, and substance abuse programs used to thrive at Donovan. During every budget crisis they are stripped down to the bare bones...a mere skeleton of what they once were. I have actually heard correctional officers make the statment that they didn't want to change the patch on their uniforms from the old "CDC" to the "CDCR" because they find the rehabilitation aspect of programing to more of a bother to their jobs. I hope that at some point the voters...and the politicians that are supposed to be doing the will of the people (as opposed to preparing for the next election) will see the bigger picture and how this system says alot about our society and state.

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