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Comments made by ceanothus

San Diego Assemblyman Calls High-Speed Rail A Fantasy Train

What's eating Martin? Has he been imbibing a bit too much again?

REGION: Details of Assemblyman Martin Garrick's DUI arrest released

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Burning Of Fossil Fuels Causing Rise In Ocean Acidity

To AndrewSanDiego, I, too, was once a Limbaugh loser. I listened every day for several years. At the beginning I even believed most of his lies and half truths like the one you are repeating about there being no ocean acidification as the ocean is actually basic. What Limbaugh did not tell you is acidification is a process not a destination. A basic solution with a maximum pH of 14 that has its pH reduced to a still extremely basic pH of 13 has been acidified.

The ocean is being acidified by the reaction of dissolved atmospheric CO2 mixing with H2O in the ocean. The reaction makes carbonic acid.

Why is this important? Because a huge portion of extremely important building blocks of the ocean's web of life have calcium carbonate shells that can not be formed in water that has been too acidified. That acidification point is reached long before the pH of the ocean actually passes 7 on its way down into the acid range of water.

Without these building blocks that hold together the web of ocean life, the whole system is likely to suffer collapse.

What do plankton eating fish eat if a major portion of the plankton (coccoliths) cannot survive because they cannot form the tiny calcium carbonate shells they need to survive? What happens if coral cannot form its hard covering and dies? What happens when there are no more oysters or clams or mussels? What do oyster catchers and walrus eat? They don't, they die along with much of the rest of the living things in the ocean.

My advice to you is turn off the college drop-out, paid to be a con-man, Rush Limbaugh. Try reading accurate information like the info found here:

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