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Evaluating California's Sex Offender Laws

Society needs to be protected from any form of abuse by persons who wish to do so.
American citizens both young and old deserve to feel safe from sexual abuse.
But also, American Citizens both young and old deserve to feel safe from abusive laws which actually harm men, women and children.

Knee-jerk laws such as Jessica's law, Megan's Law, the Adam Walsh Act and now Chelsea's law typically created in the aftermath of some horriffic murder or sex crime have been proven by countless professionals, police officers, psychiatrists and psychologists, judges and even 35 THOUSAND Criminal Defense Lawyers to be not only ineffective in preventing sexual abuse, but also in a great many cases even enhance the possibility of sexual abuse occuring by destabelizeing those who have been convicted of such crimes.

Ironic it is that a person who was caught with his personal computer having been used for viewing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, Mark Lunsford goes about the nation speaking to groups of lawmakers and politicians to get Tougher Sex Crime Laws Made. Not only that, but also his own adult son was caught and charged with sex crimes involving a 14 year old girl... Mark was able to keep his own son off the registry, while all the while going about pushing for more tougher laws.
Mark Foley helped get the Adam Walsh Act enacted, while having sexual conversations with his 16 year old congressional aids.
We need common sense laws that punish those who commit sex crimes...not laws setup to cause those who committ minor sexual crimes to be banished for LIFE.
We need the laws to apply equally to ALL who get caught, not drop the hammer on the poor, and the rich who get caught go free.

March 25, 2010 at 10:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )