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Comments made by cfex

Frida Kahlo Paintings In San Diego: Do Audiences Know They're Copies?

I had seen the posters and was very excited, I saw some of her paintings at the "In Wonderland" exhibit in Los Angeles. I was blown away for many reasons, her art is breathtaking. I discussed this exhibit with my aunt at Thanksgiving dinner, she was also excited to go see it. After learning these are fakes, "replicas" is a nice word for fakes. I will not be going to see it, and I will tell my aunt about it, I doubt she will waste her time.

I think it's disgusting, it's for profit, and it's a black eye on the San Diego art scene at best.

The city keeps lowering it's standards seemingly, it's not a good look. We need to do better San Diego, we can, we should.

The posters(ads) for this exhibit lead you to believe you are going to see Frida's real work. Simple as, it's a crock. Hopefully some of the more legitimate museums continue to work their behinds off to bring the art lovers of the city some genuine exhibits in the new year.

This exhibit is a money grab, it's dishonest by definition of the word.

December 1, 2013 at 1:51 p.m. ( | suggest removal )