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Comments made by chezare

SD Cityscape Diary

Actually tears in my eyes....
I grew up on 49th St. Used to get off the school bus on the corner of 47th and Federal. The irony is my neighborhood growing up was gang infested, high crime, drug riddled...but I don't recall anyone ever robbing Ortwine. They robbed Rainbow Market. They even robbed Imig Park Cleaners that was next door. That's the kind of respect Ortwine had in the hood. I can remember going with my father as a child, and watching the pleasant interaction between he and the clerks. In the days of my young adulthood, I recall encounter after encounter with several different clerks (some of which probably worked there over 25 years) who would go the extra mile, with friendly, helpful, detailed instructions and suggestions on how to use items I'd purchased or accomplish tasks I'd inquired about. I am extremely mechanically challenged, but I used to love going to Ortwine and, with their help, challenging myself with small fix it projects.

I actually wrote a letter to a reporter at 10 News...whew, back in the 90's maybe. He did a spot on them! It was awesome!

I moved to AZ in 2004. I have found my new AZ Ortwine...Ace Hardware. If the Ace where 'you' are is like the Ace in Goodyear AZ, you are indeed in GOOD hands! Mr. Ortwine would approve!

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