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Comments made by chrisclague

Voters May Decide Whether To Impose Term Limits On S.D. County Supervisors

There is an issue that I would suggest for the Editors' Round Table.
San Diego State University has cut enrollment from 29,000 to 24,000 students. Students are being turned away and part-time faculty are being laid off. But the tuition revenue alone would more than cover the cost of the part-time faculty who could teach the students. There is plenty of available space for classrooms and other facilities. Why is the university refusing to accept students who are willing to pay, and laying off faculty who are willing to work? Who would lose from the policy of accepting more students? I don't believe it is an issue of student quality.
What I have heard is that the CSU system wants to send a message to the state legislature: if you cut our budget, we will cut our services to the state.
Thank you for considering this topic.

November 16, 2009 at 11 a.m. ( | suggest removal )