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Comments made by christinaschaefer

What Can Be Done To Reduce Feral Cat Population?

Feral cats are a huge problem on the ecosystem. Several studies have documented that even fed cats prey on wildlife in our preserves and open spaces; they often kill wildlife out of a hunting instinct rather than as a food source. Public advisories and preserve management plans urge the public NOT to feed feral cats. I am appalled that the Feral Cat Coalition advises the public to feed feral cats. This is completely counterproductive to the issue of San Diego's rising feral cat problem, because fed feral cats will reproduce in the wild more profusely, and there is no way that the Feral Cat Coalition can spay and neuter over 1 mil. feral cats in the county. If a cat is truely feral, it's a wild animal that should treated as such; wild animals should not be fed in any case. I would appreciate if you make an announcement on your website to this effect, because it is an important public relations issue relative to preserve management in the County (and cities, including San Diego's canyons).

September 8, 2010 at 11:04 a.m. ( | suggest removal )