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Comments made by chuck_flacks

Political Battle Over Sunrise Powerlink Continues

I have no idea who or what "ScamDiego" is, but I am most assuredly the author of my comments. And, for the record, I am NOT speaking on behalf of the Workforce Partnership, but simply as a concerned listener who was alarmed at the lack of discussion of Imperial's rich geothermal deposits.

And, I'm not ashamed to speak favorably for economic development in this county. I'm no shill and am at least willing to publicly identify myself.

Finally, I agree with bp (another anonymous poster!) who argues for more solar installation locally. We at the Workforce Partnership are investing over $1 million in the training of solar and energy efficient workers who would greatly benefit were this market expanded.

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Political Battle Over Sunrise Powerlink Continues

Dear Gloria and Maureen,

As a longtime fan of yours and a current member of the Cali-Baja Mega Region steering committee, I was dismayed at the one-sided and somewhat inaccurate reporting done on this piece about the Power Link.

The Imperial Valley and Baja California are key components of a large economic development strategy that crosses the borders of both our county and the nation. Your report seemed to most support Supervisor Jacobs's position that this project is really only about money and "dirty power" generation.

While the alignment of the link is a point of continuing controversy, I, for one, believe that the power link is vital to the future economic development and workforce development for our region. Your report misses two important points:

First, the Imperial Valley is home to one of the largest repositories of geothermal steam in the world. This is not a "theoretical power source on the drawing boards," but an incredibly valuable and clean source of power that is currently being underutilized because of a lack of transmission. As the power link comes on line it will instantly provide an economic opportunity to expand geothermal in the Imperial Valley generating revenue and jobs.

Second, while liquid natural gas might not be the best environmental source of power, the growth and improvement of the cross border region has huge advantages in employment and economic development for Baja. Any improvement to the economy of Baja means less pressure for immigration (both legal and illegal) and greater business opportunities for companies both there and in the US.

The Supervisor and the land owners in the "back country" may not want growth and development; however, sustainable and responsible growth for our region is needed to power our economy and usher in a new age of green workforce and economic development. We cannot stay a "backwater" and continue to improve the quality of life for ALL our region's residents, including our neighbors across our county and national borders.

Chuck Flacks, Research Director, San Diego Workforce Partnership

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