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Comments made by cinead

Questions Mount For DA In Slaying Of SD College Student

The "law" in San Diego is a pretense, especially at SDSU "home" of NPR San Diego. A knife fight in the street in front of the campus police takes the life of one young man, and those "police" pretend to the "press" that it happened down the street. NPR is so bent in the direction of social "parity" for FOREIGN NATIONALITIES with American citizens that it now pays more to be an illegal-alien here than it does to be a citizen. Today's news of the firing of Juan Williams for expressing his own knee-jerk reaction to the presence of Muslim's on an airliner is a disgrace. If I had been listening to NPR even for something as entertaining as PHC, I will no longer tolerate the "liberal" indulgence of foreign nationals as if they are equal to American citizens in America. If you have no rights in this country distinguishing you from foreign nationals of ANY stripe, then "American-citizen" becomes an empty concept. Ahmajinedad for tea? Not on my watch. Bye-Bye NPR and the local DA.

October 21, 2010 at 10:32 a.m. ( | suggest removal )