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Comments made by cj8317

La Jolla Cove Faces Another Smell Problem

The bird problem around the cave shop began when the city fenced off that area from people walking around it, mainly to suppress people from jumping off the cliffs in that area, with jumping spots with names as, "The Clam", "The Point", "Pendulum", and then up and behind the cave shop, "Dead Mans". We used to have water balloon fights with the boats during the annual rough water swim. Sorry I'm rambling, had a lot of fun there.
The point is there were no birds there during the day, and they were kept away by people presence. They returned at night, yet were gone in the morning, and there was not the massive amounts of droppings that are there now. Put it back the way it was, bird problem solved.
As for the seals, tear down the Childrens Cove wall, sea reclaims the beach, seals go away. Problem solved. Don't cry about losing the beach, we lost it to the seal zealots years ago.

November 8, 2013 at 8:49 p.m. ( | suggest removal )