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Comments made by clarissa84

Mexican Dentists Filling American Health Care Gap

I live on the border...between Juarez and El Paso TX. My goal is to become a dentist. I understand why doctors in the US have higher prices, school in one of them... becoming a dentist in the US takes 8 years! and of course a lot of money. Taxes, wages, are other reasons why the price they have is what it is. I have a bachelors in the US and because of how expensive and probability of getting into dental school in Texas i decided to study in Mexico. I know Juarez is very dangerous but i dont care I cross the border everyday because that is what I want.
Ive met and worked with doctors in Mexico and in the US and sincerely doctors in Mexico come out from school with much more experience (this means less mistakes with their first patients) however, that does not indicate they are better ...its all about the Doctor could and awful crown here in the US or an awful crown in Mexico.
And, Delta Dental of AZ needs to remember that its whole point is to serve the MEMBER and not the Dentist. They need to stop taking sides and think of what is best for their member.

February 10, 2011 at 1:17 p.m. ( | suggest removal )