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Comments made by classy1

KPBS Strengthens News Service

Sorry to beat a dead horse. I want to clarify why there should be any classical programming at all.

Public broadcasting stations have a different mission than commercial. They are "subsidized" (scare quotes because it varies) because they provide a public service not being met through commercial means that we the people feel needs to be met otherwise. That gap is to provide a bigger world view than commercial media can profitably provide. Public broadcasting provides the escape hatch from the tiny world view experienced by the average citizen living just within their means. The in-depth news stories and broad coverage of events is a great example of this mission. The problem with news alone is it is not diverse, or healthy and reflects the problems in commercial media I would hope public broadcasting can be free from.

News coverage helps expand the community's view of the world, but the arts expands the community's view of life. Arts programming helps the community look beyond current events into the transcendent. Arts programming inspires and lifts the citizenship above their circumstances. The effectiveness of arts programming can not be effectively measured by short-term statistical analysis no matter how good the study. It is a reinvestment in the public good. We fund it because it makes us a better people, even if only a few speak up to defend it. Popular does not always equal excellence, but excellence is very influential. KPBS classical music programming is excellent and much better than the current alternatives. It is a disappointment that it will be available to less people to help lift people experience transcendent beauty.

For those who are considering rescinding their support due to the loss of classical programming, I ask you to reconsider. I believe in my arguments in favor of keeping classical programming on KPBS, but I also believe the mission served is not commercial. Reducing the argument to dollars is turning the station into a commercial entity, and ultimately, that is a lost battle for the fine arts. I don't agree with the programming change, but at least an alternative is provided on HD2. A worthy compromise... if only it had Performance Today still. :)

And dead horse, part 2:
There is yet another compelling reason to reinstate Performance Today on KPBS-HD2 at 7pm. It would stop the source of these rants and keep the Performance Today fans off the street, away from crime (at least, after the initial acquisition of an HD radio), out of gangs and prevent a future crime spree of questionably measurable proportion.

Thank you for letting me voice my opinions.

May 24, 2011 at 9:30 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KPBS Strengthens News Service

Thank you Tammy for continuing this dialog. I wish I could be more concise, but I promise my screed is on topic and insightful.

Re: 4) I appreciate your listening to feedback. If the cost of programming is not an issue in the format change, may I suggest that having just Performance Today back on at 7pm on weeknights on KPBS-HD2 as another means of appeasing the listenership.

Re: 1a) I understand that loyal classical listnership is a statistical outlier. While I am sad at the programming change, I can understand how programming consistency can be considered more important than diverse programming. Audiences have become segmented and no longer expect different programs on radio as is on television.

While I am sure you are better at market research than I, I want to remind you that research on the statistical outliers will be flawed and tenuous due to it's small sample size. In addition, there is the hurdle to HD radio that most of the market will not make. Also, it will be very hard to measure interest in programming that is not airing at all, but it will be quite easy to lose those listeners. It seems easy to appease these listeners.

Again, for reasons stated above, please consider continuing to air Performance Today at 7pm on KPBS-HD2. If it is not a large expense, I have trouble seeing an plausible reason for not airing it.

May 24, 2011 at 9:27 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KPBS Strengthens News Service

1) (For Tammy) Is there any words about the scheduling of Performance Today on KPBS-HD2? I have trouble getting a signal and was unable to check tonight.

2) Bandwidth is not ubiquitous, nor nearly the same price point as radio. Streaming media has it's strengths and weaknesses, but it is not a direct substitute for radio.

3) For those who may not understand the concern from classical listeners, please be aware that KPBS programming wasn't just classical music. It is/was good classical music programming. As stated above, it would be a shame to expect a playlist on shuffle to be consider on par with the quality programming we had before. I understand that many enjoyed the "music to relax with" aspect. It needs to be stated that the programming is/was more and gave the attentive listener a great survey and history of audio beauty.

4) (Back to Tammy again) As I just stated, the regular classical programming has strong appeal. My greatest disappointment is the loss of Performance Today. Performance Today is great radio providing the best performances. Often, the performances are not available anywhere else.

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KPBS Strengthens News Service

Subject: Please keep Performance Today! Please put it in on KPBS HD2
Tammy, thank you for monitoring this discussion and your service to the best educated audience in the region.

I am registering my disappointment at the programming change. I have never thought I want more news, and I have often waited for 7pm to turn on the radio for the evening. I have ordered an HD radio, but even with this accommodation, I am not sure it will work as I am at the edge of your signal.

I made this purchase on the hope that the classical programming maintains the same high quality. XLNC1 is... ok. They lack the variety and the host insights offered currently on KPBS. Anyone can hit "shuffle" on a classical collection (internet streaming). Anyone can buy the 'greatest hits' collection and play it over and over (the former K-Mozart in LA). KPBS provides a higher quality than other options. I hope that will continue.

Performance Today is the best of those classical programs. Please make sure Performance Today is a part of the new KPBS HD2 programming. Please consider leaving Performance today at 7pm on weeknights, but I would compromise for 9pm as well. Performance Today is the perfect evening companion when you don't have a human one. :)

If anyone else loves Performance Today, please speak up and let station management know.

May 17, 2011 at 10:18 p.m. ( | suggest removal )