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Comments made by classybrn

California Parole System Criticized

Why are there more minorities , in prison than others and who remain in prison? who are sent back for longer terns
why are they sent back for minor infractions vs others who commit larger infractions?
I have a son who lead a model life for over 30 years, received his education bachlors degree, reported to the campus officers who knew of his backgrown and mointored him for 2 years ,,worked and had 4 children, time was always accounted for and received accrolates and was given six years for failure to register and he was outside of the bounds of any of the laws.
Additonally he was convicted as a minor, but is serving time for failure to register after 30 years. Is the laws too leinent for him or too hard?
does these people ever pay for their crimes? or they ever rehabilitated if they are black? one thing he said, Can I ever get right or what good was all the years of going to school and trying to prove to all that i was sorry for what happen and want to be a part of the communiiity and prove myself.
what do i have to do?

What roles does race have to play with conviction?

April 2, 2010 at 9:12 p.m. ( | suggest removal )