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Comments made by clogic

Chelsea's Law Faces Its First Sex Offender

Let me ask you two some questions:
1) How do you think this poor little 9 year-old child feels?
2) You think he/she cares about this guy's IQ level?
3) Does his IQ level change what he did to this poor child?
4) How do you think the child's parents feel about this guy?
5) You think they care about his IQ?
6) Last but not least, if Nathan Fletcher was around in 1960 and he was able to get Chelsea's law passed back then, would this MONSTER (who you are making excuses for) have been free to do what he did to this 9 year-old child? No. You mentioned he was let out multiple times. If there was a Chelsea's Law way back then, he would have never been let out of prison.

These MONSTERS whether there IQs are 2 or 200 are hurting other human beings. They deserve no rights. They deserve no mercy. They deserve everything that Chelsea's Law is going to give them! They deserve to live for the rest of their pathetic lives in (and also die in) prison. THE END

September 24, 2010 at 10:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal )