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The Future Of Redevelopment In San Diego

and lets not forget the example of Grantville...the most heartbreaking of all. Big developer donor Archstone got that giveaway deal from CCDC to develop an area that is nowhere near downtown....a very nice area where many elderly residents have lived their entire lives in very humble mobile homes, homes they love and a community they consider family. That is being ripped away from them and given to Archstone to develop w/ tax dollars.
here is a great video doc on Grantville by filmaker Dan Soderberg...

Please watch this video to get an understanding of how egregious the redevelopment fraud is.

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The Future Of Redevelopment In San Diego

People should be applauding the Governor and the State Controller for this decision. These agencies have had more than a fair chance and they love to point to 1 or 2 good examples of redevelopment but for every 1 example there are 100s of truly sad and contemptible examples of abuse.

These agencies MUST be shut down. They are dramatically destroying the fabric of CA. Go to San Francisco or Oakland or downtown LA and you will see these cheap low low quality projects everywhere. Redevelopment does not have to follow any of the historic rules that have saved cities like SF from being destroyed.

In fact 1 of the 1st redevelopment projects was in SF and is Western Addition. If you have ever been there it is clear to see it is the ugliest and most blighted area in all of SF. rather than rehabbing 100s of gorgeous victorians they bulldozed acres and acres of them and replaced them with the saddest most depressingly cheap architecture. The area is home to tons of homeless people and drug addicts and is the most dangerous neighborhood in SF. This is what redevelopment has done and continues to do.

It destroys historic buildings that create a sense of place and bring the community together and replaces them w/ banal soul-less boxes that could exist anywhere. If we do not stop this monster it will destroy every last piece of architecture we have left.

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The Future Of Redevelopment In San Diego

let me give you 4 examples of massive redevelopment fraud here in SD.

(1). Imperial Beach: The 1960s-era Miracle Shopping Center at Palm Avenue and Ninth Street was taken using powers of eminent domain by the city. The city plans to demolish the much loved center and start building a replacement that will house multi-national corporations like "Fresh & Easy" a chain that has been charged with grossly misrespresenting themselves as organic and pesticide free.

The Shopping Center was more than just a place to shop, it was part of a collective history and identity to this small, humble beach town. Most of the businesses in the shopping center are small, local businesses. This is what redevelopment is supposed to create not destroy.

( 2). Coronado: Redevelopment is being used to build housing projects in Coronado. Redevelopment money is restricted to "blighted areas" so this notion that the City of Coronado is blighted and needs state subsidies is outright fraud.

The Orange Villas complex is located at 450 Orange Avenue
Coronado contains a total of 189 affordable housing units in Coronado.

This begs the question "why are state funds being taken from State Parks, Libraries and schools to build housing in one of San Diego's wealthiest and most coveted neighborhoods?" Is it right for redevelopment to be used to build ocean front property?

( 3). Redevelopment funds to hire expensive Consultants, LeSar Development Consultants $464,750 contract.

CA State Assembly Leader Atkins Heads Select Committee on Homelessness While her Spouse & ex- CCDC Official is Paid $225 Per Hour in Redevelopment Money "Solving" Homelessness by historymatters

Ex CCDC Treasurer and wife of State assembly Majority WHIP Toni Atkins received a questionable contract that paid $464,750 dollars "essentially cobbling together demographic information about the homeless people who live Downtown and cajoling various agencies to work cooperatively on getting them housed—sounds a lot like what former San Diego City Councilmember Brian Maienschein is supposed to be doing on a regional basis."

This notion of using redevelopment funds to pay really expensive consultants to do jobs that the city already has agencies in place to do is very troubling at the least. She billed her time at $225 per hour.

CityBeat article questioning the lucrative contract:

( 4). McMillin NTC Deal:

McMillin received 250 acres of prime San Diego Point Loma real estate worth 1 billion dollars for $8 and that the city spent $11 million to acquire. Additionally McMillin brings to light the issue of the Delaware LLc. A Delaware LLc essentially hides the names of investors thus anyone could be an investor in this project and we would have no way of knowing. And if that wasn't bad enough 1 of the NTC LLcs is an off shore account.

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The Future Of Redevelopment In San Diego

Oh my God KPBS, you guys are really losing credibility. You never address the gross fraud and abuse of these agencies not to mention the gross profits developers are paid for affordable housing.

Why do you think they are fighting so hard for it? because they CARE about affordable housing?

No because they get about $500,000 per affordable housing unit in tax dollars and then they get to still turn around and sell the unit. It is absurd and a gross waste of $ that is desperately needed in our parks, schools and libraries.

And how about Toni Atkins wife being paid $225 PER HOUR in redevelopment $ to count homeless people and offer solutions, a job the housing commission is already paid to do. How many libraries could we have kept open for the 1/2 a million dollars we just gave her?

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County Doesn't Trust Governor On Redevelopment

You have to remember they arent fighting so hard for redevelopment because it is making these communities better, they are fighting for redevelopment because it has become astoundingly PROFITABLE!! When a developer can make $500,000 profit on an affordable housing unit that he built for $80,000 thats a pretty darn good deal and a heck of alot more than he is going to make in the private market. hence we see all these sleazy private developers who suddenly care about "affordable housing". This is a huge scam from top to bottom riddled w/ fraud and as someone w/ a Masters degree in architecture who care alot about urban planning and fixing blight I will be the 1st to say shut this down. Its doing far more damage than good.

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County Doesn't Trust Governor On Redevelopment

Please look into state Majority WHIP Toni Atkins personal financial stake in redevelopment funds. "affordable housing" and "solving homelessness" are worth millions to her clients Corky McMillin, Carter Reese, CCDC, etc.

The residual costs of redevelopment are overwhelming and that is what they dont talk about. 1st there is the cost of losing all of our historic fabric to urban infill projects that look like giant econo lodges everywhere creating blight everywhere they go. Then there is the cost of infrastructure which WE pay for. Then there is the cost of throwing all these historic buildings into landfills that we pay for in many ways. Then there is all the mortgage fraud on these projects as many of the units are sold to fraudulant buyers that WE pay for and on and on. What we may gain in a few tax dollars is nothing compared to what we lose.

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Will City's $4 Billion Redevelopment Plan Evade Proposed Cuts?

Please look into Toni Atkins personal financial stake in redevelopment funds. "affordable housing" and "solving homelessness" are worth millions to her clients Corky McMillin, Carter Reese, CCDC, etc.

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Will City's $4 Billion Redevelopment Plan Evade Proposed Cuts?

the "business" of fixing social injustices has become extremely profitable and ironically profoundly corrupt. SHUT IT DOWN!!! It is doing FAR more damage than good. Here in San diego we are losing all of our historic fabric to these "infill" projects. Can you imagine the damage 4 billion dollars can do? Every last craftsman, every last clay tile building, everylast art deco will be bulldozed and replaced w/ a giant econo lodge condo complex where a developer gets $500,000 to build each unit and then sells it for $280,000 and we call it "fixing blight".

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Will City's $4 Billion Redevelopment Plan Evade Proposed Cuts?

There is always a fig leaf of pseudo-legitimacy they put on these expenditures," this was a brilliant quote by in the San Jose Mercury News in an article about how RDAs are a big slush fund for cities.. And it is SO true. they can always throw out 1 or 2 good examples of redevelopment. and they like to throw out the examples of how they fixed up a historic building, yes because for every 500 historic buildings they tear down, they save 1 so they can use it as the example.

Redevelopment targets valuable historic resources and throws them into garbage bins because they are usually lower densities so here we have case after case of "urban infill" projects, in fact I cant think of a single urban infill project that didnt destroy a great historic building, where they are bulldozing the buildings that give these neighborhoods their character and replacing them w/ garbage. I can think of several projects. 1 called the renaissance that demolished a great art deco building, 1 thats on the table now that will demolish 1 of only 2 saltbox buildings as well as the original 7 up bottling plant, another that bulldozed 12 original craftsmans along Florida street for a mega monstrosity....all pet projects of Todd Gloria and Toni Atkins.

Donovan Rypkema who lectures on Sustainable Development said this in a 2007 lecture to the Historic Districts Council Annual Conference, held in New York City about developers and cities that throw away historic buildings in the name of sustainable development.

“Razing historic buildings results in a triple hit on scarce resources. First, we are throwing away thousands of dollars of embodied energy. Second, we are replacing it with materials vastly more consumptive of energy. What are most historic houses built from? Brick, plaster, concrete and timber. What are among the least energy consumptive of materials? Brick, plaster, concrete and timber. What are major components of new buildings? Plastic, steel, vinyl and aluminum. What are among the most energy consumptive of materials? Plastic, steel, vinyl and aluminum. Third, recurring embodied energy savings increase dramatically as a building life stretches over fifty years. You’re a fool or a fraud if you say you are an environmentally conscious builder and yet are throwing away historic buildings, and their components.”

So plain and simple these redevelopment agencies w/ their "sustainable development" are a FRAUD!!!!!

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