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Comments made by cmeyerchhs

School Board Will Consider More Busing Cuts

As local, community schools exist in most neighborhoods, bussing is not as necessary as some claim. A healthier America could start with children walking and cycling to school again.

While not all parents can drive their children to and from school, all parents can make informed decisions about how to get their children to school--be that a carpool, a bicycle, another family member, helping them plan a safe walking route, dropping them at the city bus stop, etc...

I understand that the No Child Left behind allows bussing from one failing school to a better school--but all this does is leave the kids behind that don't get on that bus. Better to keep the money in the school and improve the failing school.

May 10, 2011 at 9 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Why Do Women Make Less Than Men?

Starting salaries are indeed different for men an women when the employer starts the negotiations by asking, "what are your salary requirements?" If a woman gives a answer that is lower than they intended for the position, she is stuck with that salary. I've seen it happen.

Women can be more efficient workers because they have obligations to go to, whereas in some work cultures men work inefficiently so they can stay late and look dedicated. Unfortunately this fools many.

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School District Bans Unlawful Student Fees

So sad! Usually, this results in reduced access for everybody. The school district won't have money to pay for everyone so nobody will get to play.

Even fifteen years ago these fees were a normal part of high school, but I know the coaches worked with students for whom paying the fees was difficulty. Some got scholarships, some got short-term loans & help fund-raising the funds, or leniency in missing practice because they had to work. Most good coaches don't let money prevent talent from playing.

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Why Do Women Make Less Than Men?

Salary ranges need to be posted for all positions--private and public-as part of the job advertisement and recruitment process. I think women are less likely to negotiate and will sometimes take an inappropriate salary. At least if a lower range is advertised, the woman will be placed on the appropriate payscale for the position (rather than at a lower one).


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