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Why Did City Council Repeal Supercenter Ordinance?

San Diego Council recently reversed a decision in response to Walmarts monied efforts, I groan and moan to what both sides did to democracy. Democracy was trashed, demoralized, and left at the wayside.
The Council, voted to reverse a decision made a week before, bowed to, caved in to the influence of money.
How did Walmart used its money to influence decision making It used money by buying services to collect signatures. Enough to force an election, to which Councilmen say San Diego could not afford. Walmart used its money also to buy full page ads in newspapers to influence the public. It even bought a full page in the newspaper to thank everyone involved for its desired outcome.
I have nothing against Walmart nor am I member of any union.
I just think it used its money unwisely or poorly in this case. I think it also used the democratic process to get what it wanted.
Every interest group has the opportunity to present itself before the Council Walmart I assume did the same along with its adversaries. It did not like the final decision so it used an avenue that I thought was reserved for us the people
The initiative process was designed to make sure the propositions were worth the peoples time and effort. Money makes things go easy and quick for artificial entities like Walmart Money is fluid like rain on rooftops if allowed entrance, it can undermine structure and foundation In regards to democracy, it is not only raining, it is pouring.
There are many facets to this story. Ask your councilman, look it up yourself. Decisions or reversal of decisions like these erode democracy day after day. This story is bigger than the city, bigger than you and me, bigger than Walmart. It is about the future of democracy in the USofA
Walmart must have thought it was simply exercising its rights. Right of free speech;What other rights? Walmart in its statement given by vice president of public affairs applauded the council’s decision by saying “Today was a win for San Diego families”. If Walmarts represents San Diego families who does the Council of San Diego represent?

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