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Comments made by contact123

Solving California's Prison Crisis

We were shocked to learn the abuses of our detainees, but do the American people know that we also abuse our jailed persons. My fiance is jailed in Alameda Santa Rita and she told me she is forced to wear used panties and bras. She is from Asia and ould not believe the abuse she has endured in the US jail. She is quite small and her panties are 4 times to large and keep falling down. She was not issued any decent shampoo or toiletries, as she has long hair the small bottle of shampoo was not efficient. Today I went and visited her and again was shocked. There were hundreds of people lined up in the fog and rain outside waiting to see their relatives. I was outside waiting for 3 hours. I was screened, talked down to, filed and marched around like cow. Inside the actual small and crowded visiting room we were separated by thick plexi-glass with a metal object with small holes. I could hear her and she could not hear me. She and I both cried while the other visitors and inmates screamed as loudly as possible to communicate. It was the mmost horrific experience of my life.

The there is the incognito holding of the prisoners. I travel, so have only a local cell phone. She has tried calling me and I can not accept her calls. After 4 days of trying to get in touch with the jail I was told that they can only call collect and I would have to set up an account with a 3rd party company. I researched and called every number I could find. When finally connected to a voice activated message recording I tried every credit card I had, but they would not accept any, as my Visa were from Hong Kong and Australia. I went shopping for a new cell phone and after buying 3 I learned they would not accept collect calls either.

This is insane and barbaric. The jails care nothing for the inmates and are more interested in making money by restricting their calling abilities. There are many visitors to our country that get sweep away into the system. They are alone, scared and are incognito, as they can not call their family over seas or even here.

That and being forced to wear others under garments should be an out-cry to our country. This needs to be corrected ASAP. We slaughtered the Indians, enslaved the Negros, stole territory from Mexico and even today treat others like dirt. If we can not afford to care for those we lock away then we should reevaluate our institutions and laws.

My name is Mike Smith. Email;
Please contact me.

January 10, 2010 at 6:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )