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Comments made by cp212

Mayor, Council Members Celebrate Step Toward Prop B Implementation

Con sessions made my the PD. The currently retirees that are receiving more money in retirement than when they worked are going to continue getting paid and no vote is going to change that and there are very few employees left that still have this available to them (and will never loose it under California Law).

Do they get a better retirement than most people? Yes, of course they do...but its because they deserve it.

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Mayor, Council Members Celebrate Step Toward Prop B Implementation

@HarryStreet, Police Officers get pensions for the same reason the Military does....they risk their lives every day they put the uniform on to protect the very freedoms web all enjoy on a daily basis. I also want to make this very clear...OVERTIME HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AMOUNT OF AN OFFICERS PENSION. Their pension is a percentage of their base salary and that's it and it caps out at 90% after 30 years of service. The OFFICERS also currently pay 100% of their retirement contribution (there is no "matching" of any kind). The average MANDATORY contribution of Officers is over 17% of their pay. This all the outcome of countless con sessions

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