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Comments made by cpsteiner

UC San Diego To Go Smoke Free

I was a huge advocate against a policy similar to this when I was on the Graduate Student Association when "smoke free areas" came up. The reason I had against that was we were putting smokers in the parking lot where they could get run over, but I was fine if the smoking areas would be moved to a better location.

This complete ban is absolutely a red herring. Or should I say smoke and mirrors. No smoker is going to go off-campus to smoke. Having smoke free buildings or areas is fine, but the campus is a COMMUNITY. We're asking smokers to leave a 1.9 square mile campus to get their fix... not going to happen. Now, all of these people are going to violate the "law." And not be punished because no one even mentions the fines -- I don't think it's enforceable.

The policy just makes me angry inside. Let me go in a room and cry a bit ... tearteartear.

I don't like smoking, but this will actually force smokers into non-designated areas where everyone -- including asthmatics -- will be walking.

March 27, 2013 at 11:44 a.m. ( | suggest removal )