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Comments made by cselder

San Diego County Tightens Oversight Of Elder Care Facilities

CARR, too, is optimistic these initiatives will improve the lives of frail elders living in long-term care facilities.

CARR strongly supports the restoration of funding to the Long-Term Care Ombudsman program. The Ombudsman’s office provides valuable and much needed advocacy for residents in long-term care facilities. They have been referred to as the "eyes & ears" within facilities given the absence of state inspectors.

CARR strongly supports the development of a rating system for RCFEs that relies on both qualitative and quantitative data. Despite the high profile of assisted living, quality information on RCFEs remains largely unavailable to consumers. Most of the information readily available is ‘telephone directory’ information, amenity menus and a handful of professional websites that rate facilities based on self-reported information.
CARR is hopeful objective, compliance history information will become part of the County's rating system.

CARR enthusiastically supports the initiative for a multi-disciplinary Special Prosecution Unit in the DA’s office to investigate and prosecute crimes committed in long-term care facilities. Based on our public records research, we know that crimes specifically committed in RCFEs are rarely referred to either local law enforcement or to the Department of Justice/BMFEA. Crimes continue to elude exposure, professional investigation, or criminal prosecution, in large part because Community Care Licensing and its internal Investigations Bureau are authorized to conduct their work internally. Until crimes are consistently and timely investigated by local law enforcement and/or the Department of Justice, abusers will continue to go unpunished and residents will remain at risk.

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