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Comments made by cspen

SPRINTER Funds Used For Buses — And Studies

There is a much bigger story here than meets the eye. Since I have been blocked from commenting on NCTDs Facebook, I will express my concerns here. When the rail lines were purchased by NCTD, they also purchased land along the route on either side with the intent to develop that land into apartments and businesses and become landlords. What happened to that plan? Do they still own the land? They drastically cut back on bus service when they installed the train, making the train useless to many who could not get to the train to ride it. I believe this was due to funding issues? They used the economy to cut bus service further in the past few years. It now costs $14.00 per day to use the bus service if you live in one of the areas affected. Areas that fall under the original charter should still be being servied on an equal basis as they were in the past. Instead the money is being diverted. Diverted to where is the question. Could this land be sold, or has it been quietly sold to people connected with NCTD at below original cost. Citizens should be on the board at NCTD, not politicians. Where is the money?

April 5, 2013 at 8:01 p.m. ( | suggest removal )