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Comments made by cuttingedge

Clemency Urged For Woman Who Killed Pimp

wow she gets life for killing a pimp child molester . that was killing her slowly. the real question is how many little girls did she save at 13 if I went through what she was going through I think the outcome would've been the same to condemn someone for life without looking at the simple fact of who it was that she killed this was no pedestrian that walked the streets helping others out this was a simpleminded pedophile forcing little girls to make him a living she spent her whole childhood in jail and the other beginning have being been molested now as adult she's pushed her way through school from her video from five years ago definitely found morals and scruples which I think she had all along morals trying to get out of the life that she was forced into scruples taken the cards to get it done a lot of people think it's easy to take a life its lot harder to take your life back the judicial system as it is we are guilty before innocent with no evidence can be convicted of crimes innocent people are jailed constantly police killing people and getting away with it at least he admits to what she's done in the girl a trophy and letter out of jail she's done her time after childhood half of her adulthood its time that she has her own kids

June 26, 2012 at 6:42 a.m. ( | suggest removal )