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Comments made by cyclingfan

Lance Armstrong's Seven Tour De France Titles Are Effectively Gone

With a track record of 58 and 2 in Arbitration. I can see why it isn't worth pursuing this further. I'm sure that the 10 people set to testify would not have received a lifetime ban or loss of any titles (if they have any) in exchange for their testimony.
Only two possibilities here.
Armstrong is innocent and will never get his day in an actual court (arbitration is not the same) or he is guilty of all the things that have been thrown at him. In this case the 10 teammates and coaches that would have testified are just as guilty of covering up for Armstrong. What does this say about the sport. If cheating is this widespread, then why even have the sport or better yet, why bother with drug testing if it doesn't provide the answer in a timely fashion. Why after so many years would these ten come forward. I'm sure they can't afford this long protracted battle either. I'm sure they would have been provided the opporitunity to stay in the sport. This is the biggest hypocrisy of all.
If Cheating was so wide spread, I would like to see a permanent ban on the US cycling program that has covered this up for years.
Even Bonds and Clemens had their day in court and all that did was make the people in Washington look like the hypocrits that they are. If ML Baseball had a look the other way attitude at the time ,then they will have to live with the current record book whether they like it or not.
Arbitration is not a court where they have to prove their case. They only have to convince an arbitor that it was likely.
When the Obama auto task force eliminated 789 Chrysler dealers, the Congress came back and gave those dealers an abitration process to be re-instated. It was; however, not a day in court. Chrysler only had to prove that you weren't a "perfect" dealers. Of the hundreds of dealers that attempted re-instatement through arbitration most had customer satisfaction ratings higher than 96%. In the end less than 4% were re-instated !
So I understand why Lance Armstrong chose not to appear in a venue with a forgone conclusion. Good luck, Lance. Perhaps you should start an alternative Cycling Competition Series that doesn't recognize the USADA ! I would watch. I'm certainly never going to spend two minutes on the Tour de Hypocrisy.

August 24, 2012 at 7:49 a.m. ( | suggest removal )