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Comments made by dadla

Home Energy Audit Finds Potential Savings For Homeowner

I found myself yelling at the radio when I heard this story. Why isn't he telling her about the other benefits of upgrading her house. Why doesn't he put a price on the reduced attic filth winding up on her dinner plate as a result of that attic floor and duct air sealing. Why not put $5 per day on reducing the amount of fiberglass, rat poop, hanta virus from rodent urine, and all the other nasties that live in her ductwork and attic. And then there's the comfort--like that commercial says--a comfortable home that does not get hot or cold: PRICELESS. The report makes a great case for the fact that fossil-based energy is too cheap. And it reinforces the misconception that this prudent homeowner will become the laughing stock of her neighborhood if she does not pencil out her investment. But the real news should be: hey, we have this problem. It's called poorly performing, unhealthy houses. We have a skilled workforce ready to fix them. These are the green jobs politicians are constantly saying we'll create. Well how are we to create them when uneducated reporters only tell part of the story.... And by the way, what's the payback on that swimming pool?

October 4, 2011 at 9:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )