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Comments made by daharbin

California's Most Modern Hospital Opens In Escondido

...and I should add that I do see that the building was partially paid for by cost is split between taxpayers and patients. Still a lot of money for someplace I prefer not go to if I can help it.

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California's Most Modern Hospital Opens In Escondido

I hope some consideration is given towards the cost of care. It seems to me that emphasis was placed on creating a monumental piece of architecture, and Palomar's website notes that the building cost almost $1 billion. That's something that patients ultimately have to pay. I'm glad to be in a nice building while I'm sick, but most of all I hate getting hit with massive bills once I am out (which has its own deleterious effect on health!), as has happened to many friends and relatives.

It's been noted elsewhere that other advanced countries pay a fraction of what the US pays per capita for health care, and yet they have better life expectancy. I hope we can learn from these health care systems.

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