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Top Candidates Meet For San Diego Mayoral Debate


My husband, Hud Collins, is running for Mayor of San Diego. He's in it to win it!

Hud is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran, with 3 medals for valor; and an attorney-at-law. Hud has served his country honorably & is a true patriot!

For the past 8 1/2 years before the City Council, HUD COLLINS, has been a strong advocate for the San Diego Police Officers. Over the years, Hud has urged the city council to keep our officers safe by providing SDPD with modern equipment and better training; and, advocated for better pay, more police officers (currently down 200 officers; from the year 2001); and incentives for recruitment & retention.

Hud has a DETAILED plan to fix this city's unfunded pension liability crisis.

Please understand where we've been & where we're going:

In June 2006, when Mr. Kevin Faulconer took office, the pension liability was at $1 billion, and was 79.9% funded. TODAY, the liability is at $2.3 billion and 68% funded.

On 9/8/13, Mr. Faulconer told the UT "his experience helping turn around city finances over the past decade makes him the best candidate to move the city beyond its latest scandal." CLEARLY, Mr. Faulconer's statement is FALSE! He has done NOTHING to help our city finances! We're in a bigger financial hole, because of his inaction.

Mr. David Alvarez, is young and inexperienced and has not proposed a plan to get this city out of its financial crisis. Where is your plan to fix financial crisis, Mr. Alvarez? WHICH neighborhoods will you improve & HOW will you pay for it?

Mr. Nathan Fletcher is a party flip-flopper (1st Republican; then Independent & now Democrat all w/in last 15 months!) Mr. Fletcher HOW are you going to PAY for hiring more police & firemen & fixing infrastructure? And increasing CITY SERVICES? Please provide details.

In 2004, as city attorney, Mr. Mike Aguirre was very combative, disruptive and highly ineffective; and, was voted OUT OF OFFICE, after only 1 term. Good riddance!

THE NEXT MAYOR MUST ADDRESS OUR FINANCIAL CRISIS (unfunded pension liability), if not, we could easily go down the road as cities like Stockton, Vallejo, San Bernardino, Riverside, Harrisburg PA, Detroit MI & Jefferson County AL (bankrupt due to $3.4B sewer bonds) declaring bankruptcy!

I am at a loss as to why the SDPD did not invite mayoral candidate Hud Collins to its debate on Oct 8. Hud is a huge supporter of SDPD! Hud is the only candidate with a FULL plan on how to fix our city's financial crisis & improve city services.

HUD COLLINS is ready to DEBATE all mayoral candidates!!!

SAN DIEGO city residents deserve to hear from HUD & ALL the lesser known candidates who have ideas to move our city forward.

Hud was featured briefly on Channel 7 NBC news. Here’s the web link :

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