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Comments made by darkmatter

Roundtable: Facebooking Marine, Pension Reform, Prisons Change

i am a 23 year vet. i had a lot of 9 year people who had issues. in my career that is who i spent the most time on. the la reporter (tony) was good at pointing out that you cannot always say everything you want to say about your employer w/o repurcussions. but then we were exposed to a constant reference to "following lawful orders" in the conversation. i wish there were a similar term to "straw man" that i think is going on here...maybe "straw canard."

"Stein, a nine-year veteran, posted that he would not follow unlawful orders from the President, his commander-in-chief, such as killing Americans or taking guns away from Americans. Earlier anti-Obama posts were about health-care reform."

i never ever heard anyone say that. not they couldn't have. in fact i would have said you cannot be made to do something illegal. hey, maybe even you can say it...i suspect you can. but examine in your life if during a conversation or blog or news program or whatever, did anyone pipe up when you were talking about the policies of your employer...or did you ever expect anyone to say, "they cannot make me do something illegal." on the face of it, it is simply ridiculous.

but if they did, would it not be in reference to what you were talking about. say, someone says the sky is blue and perhaps someone pipes up and says, "you cannot make me follow unlawful orders."

what was the context that this stein was talking in. was it a conversation about lawful orders? did anyone say, this is an order and you have to follow it? maybe they did. but if they did, just where is the reporting of what caused this comment?

people, this was a thread talking about health care. just what lawful order was he talking about? somebody posted something about lawful healthcare orders? i am stymied just thinking about it.

to make a long post longer i will just say making a statement, "you can't make me do something illegal" does not exist in a this case it simply does not exist.

March 23, 2012 at 2:09 p.m. ( | suggest removal )