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Comments made by dasugo

Life In Prison: Harriet Salarno, A Victim Speaks

I just watched that program tonight. How depressing is this. Ms Slamo has no forgiveness after all these years. I'm so sorry for you. I do feel sympathy towards losing your daughter, but after 30 years, you still have all this hate? Come on, get a grip and get some rehabilitation. It'll make a better person out of you. And what 's this about the inamtes getting all this health care? I write to several inmates as pen pals as I'm a people person and very interested in the minds of others. I write two of them who has Hep C. They're still waiting to get treatment. Ones been waiting for 8 months and the other one for 13 months. They don't care what happens to them. They figure they're monsters. And by the way, These two are in for possesion of drugs. Why couldn't they send them to rehab instead of waisting all this government money and throwing them in prison? It'll just make them worst when they get out. They need rehabilitation, not prison time. I've been writing to inmates for 3 years now and heard all kinds of stories about the guards in how boring their jobs are so they hastle the inmates. I've had a pen pal that has had all of his art work taken away, cause a guard liked it so much. I've sent them calendars and they never get them or was it sent back to me. So who ever gets a hold and reads the mail, I guess they get to take what ever they want. It upsets me to find that the inmates I write, get no medical care and things taken away from them. Sure, maybe some of them do deserve it. But these guys are harmless but drug users . Do you care about any of this Ms Slamo? The govenment is wasting our money in housing these inmates. It totally blew me away about the seniors in prison and how much we're spending to keep them in there. Some of us out here don't even make that kind of money that these inmates are getting housed for. Yes, I'm pointing the finger at you Ms. Slamo, cause I can't believe the hate you have after all these years. You must be a woman who hates life............

January 25, 2010 at 11:26 p.m. ( | suggest removal )