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Comments made by davidz424

Health Care At The Heart Of Prison Release Ruling

I get extremely upset every time I hear about the enormous benefits prisoners receive at the hands for taxpayers. Yesterday I heard the interview with the lawyer who argued,free of charge, for their rights to the Supreme court.

I'm a law-abiding citizen. I've been unemployed for 2 1/2 years now. I am in serious need of dental care to the tune of $9000. I found a place with a sliding scale so I would be able to afford my own mental health care which I pay for from my own savings. I've been paying back my student loan since 2001 and still have $3000 left to pay. Tell me one reason why I shouldn't go out and commit a serious enough crime to get put away in prison, have all my dental work done, get free mental health care, education without having to take out a student loan, not to mention I wouldn't have to pay for cable tv, electricity, gym membership, rent.... have I missed anything here? Oh yeah, I made no money last year but I did have to pay taxes. What about us law-abiding citizens? What do we get?

I passed a kidney stone 3 years ago. I never had this experience and didn't know what it was so I went to a hospital. None of the "doctors" there guessed what it was so I was submitted to a CAT scan and finally given a Vicodin and sent home with an $8000 bill. When I applied to CMS I was told I would have to use the money in my IRA, my savings and anything else I had until I was down to less than $2000 before they would help me.

Prisoners should get ground beef, bread, salad and water daily, a newspaper to keep up with the outside world, be able to run around a yard for exercise and medical care only if it's life threatening. They should get no cell phones, have to pay student loans for education once they get out and get a job, do some sort of work while their in prison to pay for their stay, (perhaps farming for food for the law-abiding indigent outside), and maybe, just maybe, people would think twice before committing a crime. I've surely thought twice about committing one. Remind me why I shouldn't?

May 24, 2011 at 9:18 a.m. ( | suggest removal )