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San Diego To Explore Raising Minimum Wage Without Public Vote

Income and wealth in San Diego affects the real estate market in San Diego. Most people in San Diego would like to buy a home and for a variety of financial reasons they find it hard to do so. Affordable real estate in San Diego is hard to find. We have a new tool where you can see the value of you home instantly,
For those lucky enough to own a home in San Diego this tool will give you your current market value.

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San Diego County's Leading Economic Indicators Up In September

Housing prices are a very local analysis. Looking at the Economic Indicators put out monthly by Alan Gin at USD is a great resource. The report shows several sectors of our local enocomny, in order to provide a local snapshot and it give a good idea where our local economy is trending. The local enconomy direclty impacts home values here in San Diego.In the local San Diego Real Estate market, we have experienced low inventory this year. This creates a demand on the inventory and we are seeing some price increases in certain areas. To determine your homes values you need to look at several factors in your specific neighborhood, your homes condition and offerings in realation to most recent sold data.
You can email us questions regarding this post, your home values, or local real estate comments.

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San Diego Housing Market Continues To Struggle

On Feb 23, 2012, San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders announced in a formal statement, the city is in economic health with extra funds.
This news will have can impact on the real estate market as citizen start seeing roads repaired, library hours extended, and improvements to police and fire departments. Its like a remodel... it can increase value.
Some area prices have been driven down below the boom rise... its time for a correction in the right direction.

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San Diego Home Prices Fall

San Diego home pricing is neighborhood specific, meaning there will be some neighborhoods without price erosion and other that have. Typically if you are looking for a nice home, with upgrades, in a desirable location... don’t be “surpriced” (surprised about the price) if your realtor recommends a healthy offer on a nice property. Many of today’s home sellers and buyers are confused by the information glut online regarding real estate… and real estate pricing. Your best bet is to find a San Diego realtor who is currently and actively working in today’s market. They have access to the MLS data and sold data from public record, whether it’s a new home or old… short sale or foreclosure… ask your San Diego realtor to obtain sales records from their title rep and this will give you the best most accurate information versus a website that uses real estate to make money without local knowledge. Also, your San Diego realtor can help you interrupt the information on sold inventory and help formulate what a property is worth in today’s market. The condition of the property and supply and demand weigh heavy on San Diego real estate pricing. If a home is in model condition, in a desirable neighborhood, it will command a higher price… because we have enough demand from buyers looking for a good deal on quality in America’s finest city. For more information on pricing and inventory levels visit our website or Email us your questions

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San Diego Real Estate Forecast For 2011

It's not just realtors talking about, now being a great time to buy real estate... of course, I am a realtor/broker... and a San Diego native. I have seen property values increase dramatically over the last thirty years. San Diego is simply one of the most desirable places to live on the planet. I get requests all over the world regarding properties for sale right here in our little back yard of La Jolla, Del Mar, Coronado, Rancho Santa Fe and the like... As the US economy becomes stronger... buckle up, and get ready for takeoff.

Earlier this month, John Paulson scared the pants off of a packed audience at New York's University Club recently as he warned them of huge changes in the economic environment in the years to come.

Forbes' Bob Lenzer reports Paulson's saying:

“If you don’t own a home buy one."

”If you own one home, buy another one, and if you own two homes buy a third and lend your relatives the money to buy a home.”

Paulson has been bullish on housing for a while now (he runs a housing recovery fund), but this is him hitting super-bull territory. His reasoning is that home prices are great, the bond market is dead, and commodities like gold, which he also has a big prediction for, are on the rise.

San Diego real estate is unique because there is limited space to build, with the Mexican border to the south, the desert to the east and Military base to the north... Remember the concept of "supply and demand"... there will be more demand than supply and prices will rise... you can see all active listings in San Diego today at

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Opponents Of I-5 Expansion Proposal Come Out In Force

It goes without saying.. build it, and they will come...
As a San Diego native, I have seen San Diego's old town charm fade more and more into the west coast sunset.
San Diego has a long tradition of pride about not being another, traffic congestion redden, California city (Los Angeles). San Diego has enjoyed being the secret destination of the rich and famous... old and new like, Douglas Fairbanks, Bing Crosby, Rachel Welch.... many more... have come to enjoy the San Diego lifestyle in anonymity. San Diego' s growth and expansion need not to come at the cost of its tradition and charm.

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