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Comments made by dextersdeli

Raw Food For Pets Growing In Popularity

Christel - it's hard to say what will be best for your dog without knowing more, but it sounds like she's trying to tell you she wants more fresh food. How 'bout starting out with adding some fresh protein to her current diet. You can add about 20% extra to regular food without too much worry. Try eggs, lean meat, cottage cheese. See what she thinks!

Barbara - It's never "one size fits all" when feeding pets, just like with us. Including fresh food in the diet is important no matter which food you choose. There are several dry foods that can be a base for their diet, and you don't have to stick to just one. Read the ingredients, ask the seller about the food, and try some samples, and see what works best with your dog.

sd_moody - you might consider trying flower essences to help balance his nerves and his desire to gorge. Some cats really need to eat alone too. Canned or raw food will be easier on his digestion than dry, but there are some great food dispensing toys for cats available now that you put dry food in that could be just the ticket. They have to roll the toy around to make the dry food fall out, and that would definitely slow down his eating. That could tell you if it's simply due to eating too fast, or whether it's a sensitivity to the food.

cdemos1 - Green tripe is wonderful for dogs. There are a few stores in the San Diego area that carry it, including Dexter's Deli.

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