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Comments made by dhamra

Scientists Must Tell The Climate Change Story

Gee, "carbonates," thanks for taking the obfuscation of the Global Warming debate to a new bewildering low. Perfect strategy to discourage and turn off and paralyze sincere inquirers while helping the spin masters continue to obscure the issues. The lesson I get from your comment is "forget it no really really knows what or if anything is happening to the climate so why argue. You are being political."

Honestly, do you really think that there is any comparison between the powerful special interests of fuel industries and the influence of the scientific community on policy and the media?

November 29, 2010 at 12:36 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Foreclosures Increase, Defaults Down

It's disingenuous to say that Barbara was "promoting walking away." I think Barbara was describing behavior of many people who may not wish to continue "hedging their bets" and continue paying more than rent, while hoping that "prices will again appreciate." People are trying to survive. The money they can save for their families by renting places the argument way beyond a moral decision.

The mouthpieces for the banks are pulling out the "moral" argument to shame people into continuing to pay them thousands in interest per month. Businessmen ALWAYS looked out for themselves. In any other democratic country (there are hundreds in the world), people would be rioting at the bailouts, bonuses and credit card penalties and policies. We sort yawn, moo and go back to Costco with our reduced credit line.

You are suggesting that families ignore financial self-interest and realities for the good of the larger society and economy. This is a noble sacrifice but this argument reeks of hypocrisy. Defenders of the banks shame families for following their self interests while telling us that requiring regulation and responsibility for banks is "anti-social" and "anti-capitalist." Do banks have any responsibility to the community?

I have heard countless bitter people whinning about the "lack of personal responsibility and moral consciousness of those who got these crazy loans. First don't forget that we have hammered the American dream of homeownership down the throats of the public for decades. We must concede that the American or any dream is an emotional, exciting prospect or fantasy. People don't think real clear when dreaming.

Give the middle class a break. Why aren't these moralists bitter at the thousands of "flippers" who were buying mulitiple homes and flipping for fat profits, jacking up home prices with multiple questionable loans. NO ONE IS POINTING THE FINGER AT THOSE GREEDY "CAPITALISTS." Why do you have to focus on those "dreamers" who work hard, never had a chance to realize this dream for their families and took out stupid loans.

April 23, 2010 at 11:58 a.m. ( | suggest removal )